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This is it! This is the home of the finest gold-bearing concentrates your gold pan will ever see. Rich gold-bearing dirt from placer mines in the Fairbanks mining district, the richest mining district in all Alaska! And now it's all available to you!

These pictures are just a sampling of the photos my customers have sent back to me, showing off the gold they find in my bags of dirt (read their comments here)


If you like gold, you will love my dirt. Let me bring the Alaskan experience right to you. Click on the link below to take a closer look at the paydirt I have to offer.

Alaska or Bust
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We are so sure you will love our Gourmet Gold Paydirt that we want to send you a free sample . Just click on the link to get yours.

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The Jackpot is the most anticipated event of the year and for good reason, piles of gold nuggets are given away to average prospectors and gold enthusiasts daily, but supply always sells out quickly. This year, Jackpot is only 10 short days with a whopping 3 giant gold nuggets awarded every single day! It's going to be Fast and Furious! Want to beat the crowds and increase your odds of winning? How about an exclusive day to win 3 beautiful gold nuggets for VIP Pass holders only? Order a bag of my Gourmet Gold before Oct. 31st and you'll get a VIP Pass that gives you an incredible opportunity to win an extra 3 gold nuggets before Jackpot even starts!

Claim Jumper is BACK! Felix was able to pull out one last load of this highly coveted material before the snow hit. But, it's not enough to last very long. So for a LIMITED TIME you can enjoy some of the highest yielding concentrate to ever hit your gold pan! This beautiful gold will go fast and will be the final opportunity to get your hands on a bag of Claim Jumper this year!

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Felix Paydirt's Jackpot

Every once in a while, Felix acquires some exceptionally rich concentrate . Quantities of this material are always very limited, and it sells out quickly. Felix has taken to calling this dirt the "Jackpot" . Now, by itself, the Jackpot is some mighty fine dirt. But here's the best part. Felix got this wild notion to toss some one-ounce gold nuggets into randomly selected bags !


To find out how you can get a shot at a one-ouncer,
click on the nuggets.

Click here for a shot at a one ounce nugget!


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